The LSAT ®: Hear From The Experts!

The LSAT®. You’ve heard a lot about it. You know it’s important; maybe even the most important part of the law school application process. But, what does it test? How important is it relative to other factors in the admissions process? How do law school admissions committees use the test to evaluate your application? Is there really a way to “prepare” for the test? Can you improve your score? What can you do you if you have…

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Making Your Law School Wish Lists? Make sure To Weigh The Costs and Benefits!

It’s a given these days that a law school education is expensive, just about any way you look at it. As you begin to draw up that list of law schools you are considering, you just can’t afford to ignore how cost affects your analysis. That issue came up as we prepared our show, Choosing the Right Law School: Understand the Factors That Will Affect Where You Want To Go To School. Law School Podcaster Host Bonnie Petrie…

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You Law School Application: It’s Not Just About Your GPA and LSAT Score

Wouldn’t you like to go behind-the-scenes and hear what the admissions committee really looks at when evaluating all those law school applications? We did that for you in our show titled “Creating the Killer Law School Application: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Best Application.” Our host, Diana Jordan, spoke to top law school admissions deans about what they look for in a candidate. Andy Cornblatt, Dean of Admissions at Georgetown University Law Centeradvises applicants to “take ownership”…

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