Brain Game Time: Another Logic Games Challenge

Atlas LSAT posted Logic Games Challenge #22 and they invite our listeners to join in: Poetry

The LSA group of students in a poetry class is being assigned readings. Each of three students – Francis, Grace, and Hu – will read at least one of four poems – Walkabout, Xtravagance, Yonder Cloudbreak, and Zoolandia.

• No student reads both Yonder Cloudbreak and Zoolandia.
• Hu reads more poems than Grace and Francis.
• Any student that reads Xtravagance also reads Walkabout.
• Any poem that is read by Francis is also read by Grace.

1. Which of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the poems read by the students?
A. Francis: Xtravagance, Walkabout; Grace: Xtravagance, Walkabout, Yonder Cloudbreak;
Hu: Walkabout, Yonder Cloudbreak
B. Francis: Walkabout, Xtravagance; Grace: Walkabout, Yonder Cloudbreak; Hu:
Walkabout, Xtravagance, Yonder Cloudbreak
C. Francis: Walkabout; Grace: Walkabout, Xtravagance; Hu: Yonder Cloudbreak, Zoolandia
D. Francis: Yonder Cloudbreak; Grace: Yonder Cloudbreak; Hu: Walkabout, Xtravagance
E. Francis: Walkabout; Grace: Walkabout; Hu: Xtravagance, Yonder Cloudbreak

2. Which of the following must be true?
A. Grace reads more poems than Francis.
B. If Grace reads Xtravagance, Francis reads Xtravagance.
C. If Francis reads Xtravagance, Grace reads Walkabout.
D. If Hu reads Yonder Cloudbreak, Francis and Grace do not.
E. If Hu reads Zoolandia, Francis and Grace do not.

3. If Hu does not read Yonder Cloudbreak or Zoolandia, then all of the following could be true
A. Francis reads Zoolandia.
B. Grace reads Yonder Cloudbreak.
C. All three students read Walkabout.
D. Exactly two students read Zoolandia.
E. Exactly two students read Xtravagance.

4. Which of the following must be true?
A. Francis cannot read Xtravagance unless Hu does.
B. Francis and Grace always read at least one poem that Hu reads.
C. Hu can only read Zoolandia if Grace does not.
D. Hu can read three poems only if Francis reads two poems.
E. Zoolandia can be read by at most two students.

5. If every poem is read by at least one student, each of the following could be true EXCEPT:
A. At least one poem is read by all three students.
B. Francis reads exactly the same poems as Grace.
C. Grace reads more poems than Francis.
D. Francis and Hu read two of the same poems.
E. Xtravagance is read by either Francis or Grace.

And this next one is more slog than you might want…

6. How many different ways can the poems be assigned such that each poem is read by at least
one student?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
E. 8

Think you have the answers? E-mail them to First person to submit the correct answers wins a $25 Amazon gift card. The best explanation posted on Atlas LSAT Forums wins $25 as well.

Answers to Logic Games Challenge #21: (1)E (2)B (3)E (4)C (5)B (6)A (7)D

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