Latest LSAT Logic Game Challenge

Our friends at Atlas LSAT have posted the most recent Logic Game Challenge #19 and invite our listeners to join in: Lab Projects Lab Work Envirolab will schedule three projects—F, G, and H—to their lab facilities over a five-week period. Exactly one project will be assigned to each of the five weeks, and each project will be assigned at least once. One of the projects is made up of eight researchers, one is made up of ten researchers, and one…

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Tips On That Critical Law School Personal Statement

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to tackle that law school personal statement. You’ve spent the last few years developing your GPA and you’ve given over months of your life to preparing for the LSAT. So how much does the essay part of your application matter? Enough that we devoted an entire show to the topic! In “The Law School Personal Statement and Letters of Recommendation: Where To Begin?,” we run down what you should…

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