LSAT Countdown: What to Focus on the Week of the October LSAT

As we close in on the October LSAT, I thought I would share our usual tips to keep you on track as game day draws near. What’s that you say – you’re not sure if you are ready, willing, or able to take the October LSAT? Before you go pushing the panic button, make sure you are making all of the proper considerations about which test administration you should take. If you’re full steam ahead for the October…

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The Talk about Law School Letters of Recommendation

Just how important is a letter of recommendation (LOR) to your law school application? Strong letters are a must; lukewarm or negative letters can be fatal. But don’t just take our word for it.  Get it straight from the experts, including top deans of admissions, admissions consultants and prelaw advisors.  Here’s what they said in our podcasts — read why strong LORs can help your application and how to get them (then click on the links below and listen to the audio shows for more great application tips). TIP…

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Tips to Tame the Costs of Applying to Law School

Anyone who is even thinking about applying to law school will discover it's not cheap. And we're not talking tuition. Application fees, LSAT fees, LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) fees are a strain for most student budgets. The costs for applying to law school add up quickly. First, there is the cost for each administration of the LSAT, which currently rings in at $139. Second, application fees for individual law schools can run anywhere from $70 to…

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