Ready for a Logic Game Workout?

Take the Logic Games Challenge! Manhattan LSAT posted Logic Games Challenge #34 and they invite our listeners to join in the chance to Win $200 off any LSAT Course or any Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide (your choice!). The latest challenge: Party Problem (Easy) Before you start let us tell you something! You’re about to play the first of two “sister” games (go ahead one game in the archive for the second one). Taken together, the pair can be useful in…

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New Podcast Guides You Through Optional Essays & Addenda

In the world of law school applications, the personal statement is a well-known part of the admissions process.  Applicants may be less familiar, though, with a part of the application known as “optional essays,” where some schools invite applicants to submit additional information about themselves. Sometimes these essays are required, sometimes they are truly optional.  How does an applicant know when to submit an optional essay? What should these essays include? In our latest podcast, Law School Optional Essays & Addenda: What to…

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Details Make the Story Come Alive

Many writers tend to confuse adjectives and adverbs (“describing” words) with details. When adjectives and adverbs are used to emphasize an emotion or emotional state, they can add very little to the description of an experience and can even undermine it. However, when that emotion or emotional state is described properly, it can bring a story to life. Example 1: “With the award in hand, I felt extremely proud of my accomplishment.” In the case above, the word…

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