The “Two-For” Ticket: Thinking About Combined Degree Programs

Across the United States and elsewhere, law schools are continually offering more and more joint degrees, thereby allowing their students to study for an additional graduate degree not related to the law while they simultaneously study for their JD. Usually, such joint programs allow students to graduate with two degrees in less time than would be required for them to complete the two degrees consecutively. And although you may think that joint degrees are limited to traditional…

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The Case for Why Law School Is Still Worth It

This post is a guest commentary by  Aaron N. Taylor and provided courtesy of preLaw Magazine. Aaron N. Taylor is a professor at Saint Louis University School of Law. You can follow him on Twitter @TheEdLawProf. There has been a lot of negative talk about law school lately, but the facts belie the hype. The legal profession has low unemployment rates, lawyers earn high salaries and loans are manageable. It’s open season on legal education — falling applications, lawsuits by former students and…

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