While You Wait to Hear Back From Law Schools

Once you hit “submit” on the LSAC website, you begin yet another challenging part of the law school application process. Welcome to the waiting room…  It’s easy to obsess over checking your emails constantly and viewing the law schools’ “online status checkers.”  We know -  it’s a good idea to check these online status checkers periodically to make sure your application has been received by a law school, to determine if there’s anything missing from your file, and confirm your application is complete.  But…

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New Year, New LSAT, New Review Workshop

Deep within the Manhattan LSAT Geek Lair (a real place, by the way, located somewhere in the mountains of Colorado), a team of master LSAT teachers has been dissecting and deconstructing the December 2012 LSAT. While it was Socrates who said “the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”, we’re never going to stop in our relentless mission to fill the world with all of the geeky truisms of being a top scorer the LSAT. Join…

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