Podcast 36: Countdown to the LSAT

Podcast 36: Countdown to the LSAT

You probably already know that you can’t master the LSAT without preparing. You must study. And this is a standardized test that requires that you start early.  Just how much time should you plan to devote to LSAT prep? What must you include in your action plan? On this show, our experts help you map out a study plan that gives you enough time to assess where you are at the beginning, set goals, learn the mechanics of the different sections, develop strategies for different question types and take practice tests – all so you can rock the LSAT on test day!


  • Noah Teitelbaum, Manhattan LSAT, Executive Director, Academics
  • Glen Stohr, Kaplan Test Prep, Senior Manager for Content Development
  • Cathrina Altimari-Brown: LSAT Student, Legal Assistant, Google

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