Podcast 42: The LSAT Retake Dilemma – Answering Your Top Cancel & Retake Questions

We hear these questions again and again:  Should I cancel my LSAT score? Should I reschedule my test? Should I retake the LSAT? What if I’m unhappy with my LSAT score?  How do law schools view multiple LSAT scores? How do I know what the best score is for me? You’re not alone in trying to figure this stuff out.  In this segment, we talk with deans of admission from top law schools and with the premier test prep experts to get you the answers…

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Podcast 41: Beat the LSAT Clock – Time Management Techniques to Put You On Pace for a Higher Score

Timing can be everything – especially on the LSAT.  Running out of time to answer questions is one of the most frustrating – and universal – problems test-takers face. The test is designed to challenge your ability to pace yourself and allocate time efficiently. If you find the clock is wreaking havoc with your ability to answer all the questions and answer them accurately, then listen in as our guests outline a plan to put you on…

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Podcast 40: Beyond Thinking Like a Lawyer – What Changes in Legal Education Mean

Steeped in books and theory, the traditional curriculum at most law schools hasn't changed in decades. But the tighter job market is bringing changes – albeit a bit slowly. Law firms, businesses, and the clients they serve, are demanding that more be done by law schools to train and prepare properly future lawyers while they are still in school. What does this mean if you are a prospective law student? What should you be looking for to…

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