Is Law School In Your Future? It’s Not Too Early To Map Out Your Game Plan!

In a tough economy, like the one we face today, there is increased competition to get into law school. If you’re considering law school as an option, you might want to start planning now to help you get into that school of your choice when you apply. You will need to develop a timeline to prepare for and take the LSAT®, consider how you will write a well-developed personal statement, lay the groundwork for securing strong letters of recommendations and, according to our experts inside the admission process, you will need to get your application finished and submitted as early in the application cycle as possible. They tell us to think in terms of a Thanksgiving deadline, to really help your application chances!

If you are in the process of applying to law school or, if you think you might want to apply in the near future, then tune into our show, Law School Strategic Admission Plan: What You Can Do Now to Help You Get Accepted Next Year, and hear how to strategically map out a plan that will improve your chances of being accepted at the law school of your choice.

Our host, Diana Jordan, spoke with law school admissions deans about the importance of developing a timeline early on to navigate the application process.

We discussed the importance of advance planning and a timeline with UCLA Law School’s Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, Rob Schwartz. “It’s best to start thinking about getting recommendations and preparing for the LSAT® at least a year in advance and preferably even as much as two years in advance because the recommendations, at least in our process here, are a very critical part of the admissions process….” Dean Schwartz also advises to prepare for and take the LSAT® as soon as possible in the admissions process. “Many schools will accept the December administration of the LSAT® and some schools will even accept the February administration of the LSAT®, even in the year in which you are applying (and we’re one of those schools). But, it would be my general advice to get it out of the way sooner because, in general, it’s better to be able to apply earlier in the process — particularly for very selective law schools that are getting thousands and thousands of applicants.”

While the best strategy may be to get that application in as early as possible, Anne Richard, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at The George Washington University Law School, also advises applicants not to rush to submit an application before it is ready to go the admissions committee. “The time to submit the application is when it is done and in the best shape possible but, earlier is better, because I believe most law schools have a rolling admissions process.”

Check out the full show to hear how to develop a strategic admission plan that is guided and informed by your career goals from Richard Montauk, author of “How To Get Into The Top Law Schools” and get tips about when to begin to prepare for and take the LSAT from Adam Hoff, Director of Admissions Consulting and Research at Veritas Prep. We also talk to current law students to hear the strategies that worked most recently from them.

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