is live!!

Law School Podcaster, a division of Law School Media, LLC, announces the launch of , a new podcast program providing information, insight and advice on the law school admissions process.

The goal of the new law school podcast is to deliver relevant information through bi-weekly audio segments for those planning to apply to law school. Topics cover everything a law school applicant wants to know, including a detailed behind-the-scenes view of the admission process, post-law school job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include law school deans, faculty, authors, consultants, recruiters, alumni and current students.

The new show, Law School Podcaster, is affiliated with the highly acclaimed MBA Podcaster, a top business podcast on iTunes with an average five-star rating. MBA Podcaster’s shows receive more than 80,000 downloads/month. MBA Podcaster has become the online source for those interested in pursuing an MBA, and the new law school podcast show will provide the same relevant inside perspective on the law school admission process. You can listen to MBA Podcaster shows at

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