Tune In to Our New Podcast to Learn About SAFRA and What Changes May Be Coming to the Federal Student Loan Program

You can listen now to our new podcast, Financing Your JD: How to Pay for Law School, which runs down what you need to know about paying for your law school education.

In this segment, Law School Podcaster Host/Producer, Bonnie Petrie, spoke to Stephen Brown, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services at Fordham School of Law and Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of two essential financial aid information and planning websites FinAid.org and Fastweb.organd had them break down the different financing options available to law students.

We also get expert advice not only on obtaining and paying back student loans from Patricia Nash Christel, Sallie Mae’s expert in Saving, Planning, and Paying for college, but we also get important insight from Mike Spivey, the Assistant Dean for Career Services at Washington University Law School about assessing how financial aid considerations will impact your career choices.

We also bring you an update on how the federal student loan program will be affected by current legislation before Congress. Finaid.org Publisher, Mark Kantrowitz tells us that the US House of Representatives passed the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 (SAFRA). “It cuts the costs of the student loan program by eliminating the federally-guaranteed student loan program, and replacing it with 100% direct lending from the federal government. The savings will be used to index the Pell Grant to inflation plus 1% and to expand the Perkins Loan Program and to establish a College Access and Completion Innovation Fund to try to increase the rates at which students graduate from college.” Tune in to learn more about what this might mean to law school applicants and students.

Listen to the full show to hear all the details about financing law school.