Waitlisted? Listen Up!!

As the admissions season rolls on, many of you are playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear back from law schools, waiting to see if you got in or if you’ve been rejected. But what if your wait ends with a waitlist? Does that just mean MORE waiting??

Listen to our show on Getting off the Waitlist: How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted.

You’ll learn what things you should and shouldn’t do while WAITING on the waitlist!

You’ll hear from these experts to help you plan your strategy:
• Richard Geiger, Associate Dean and Dean of Admissions, Cornell Law School
• William J. Hoye, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs, Duke University School of Law
• Graham Richmond, Founder and CEO of Clear Admit
• Ann Levine, Owner of LawSchoolExpert.com and author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like An Expert.

If you’ve managed to get off the waitlist, please send us your story to [email protected].