New Podcast for Students Starting Law School!

You’ve survived the admissions process and made it intolaw school. Now you’ll just need to survive your first year and make it through the rest of law school.

If you’re like most students starting law school, you’ve got a ton of questions. You’re wondering how law school classes will differ from your undergraduate classes, what your life will be like and how to best structure your time, how to prepare for a class where a single exam at the end determines your entire grade, how to outline your classes and whether to join a study group or work alone.

In our latest show, Law School Survival Guide: Advice to Hit the Ground Running as a 1L and Beyond, we take a close look at what you can expect in your first year of law school and how you can make a running start right out of the gate. We talk with the following group of law professors who teach first year law students, with authors of some of the “go-to” guides for surviving that all-important first year and with a 2L student, who shares insight into a successful first year:

• James D. Gordon III, Marion B. and Rulon A. Earl Professor of Law Brigham Young University Law School and author of Law School: A Suvivor’s Guide

• Henry Noyes, Professor of Law at Chapman University School of Law, author of Acing Your First Year of Law School: The Ten Steps to Success You Won’t Learn in Class

• Don Macaulay, founder of and Law Preview

• Nancy B. Rapoport, Gordon Silver Professor of Law, William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV and author of Law School Survival Manual: FROM LSAT TO BAR EXAM

• Gary Young, Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Nebraska College of Law, Lincoln and author of Law School Ninja

• Ashley Brian – 2L Law Student, Indiana University of Law, Indianapolis

Listen in as our guests weigh in with some reassuring and practical advice to get your started on the right foot and guide you through the start of law school.