New podcast helps you Avoid Application Pitfalls

It’s amazing how many law school applicants make avoidable application mistakes. It’s unfortunate, but hardly surprising, that these avoidable mistakes can result in an application being rejected.

What can applicants do to avoid the avoidable mistakes, and not only submit an error-free application, but the best application possible? Our latest podcast, Avoiding Application Pitfalls: What Not To Do On Your Law School Application, gets you the answers from the deans who review your applications and who have the final say on which candidates are accepted to their law schools.

We go be behind-the-scenes and talk with New York University School of Law’sAssistant Dean for Admissions, Kenneth Kleinrock, University of Virginia School of Law’sSenior Assistant Dean for Admissions, Jason Wu Trujillo and University of Michigan School of Law’s Assistant Dean for Admissions, Sarah Zearfoss.Leading admissions consultant, Linda Abraham, President and Founder of, helps applicants navigate the admissions process and weighs in on the most common mistakes applicants make.

Together, our guest experts have seen every misstep and fumble applicants make and they share them with Law School Podcaster to help you avoid them and to improve your application.

Don’t submit your application without listening to this show!