New Resource for Law Students Interested in Entertainment, Media & Sports Law

Do you find all the hoopla of the Hollywood awards season and the buzz about Oscar nominations more than just a little interesting? Well, we have some great breaking news for all you future lawyers who want to work in the area of entertainment, media and sports law.

The Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel (AMEC)has just formed a new Law School Section, and will host student sponsored events at law schools throughout the country and hold an annual essay competition, with the winner invited to attend AMEC’S Counsel of the Year Awards Ceremony in Hollywood. The winning essay will also be printed in AMEC’s award winning news magazine: M/E Insights Magazine. The purpose of the Law School Section is to promote interest in, and advance the education of entertainment, media and sports law.

The new section will be headed by the all-star lineup of Steve Krone, Director of the Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute and Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School, and Nancy Rapoport, Gordon Silver Professor of Law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “It is a very exciting new opportunity for law students interested in working in the entertainment industry,” states Krone. Rapoport adds “personal relationships are what make the entertainment world turn, so this committee should help students get their start in this field.” The new Law School Advisory board members include Brenda Hampden, Associate Professor of Law at Seton Hall University School of Law; Samuel Fifer, Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University Law School; Ellen Goodman, Professor of Law at Rutgers School of Law; Silvia Kratzer, Professor of Film and Television at UCLA and Chapman University; and John Kettle, Professor of Law at Rutgers School of Law.

If you’re thinking about a career in the entertainment industry, the AMEC is a great organization to check out and learn more about. AMEC is the only organization of its kind, promoting excellence in entertainment law and designed to support the career development, and honor the achievements, of in-house counsel and business affairs attorneys at entertainment and media companies.

Stay tuned to Law School Podcaster for more news about the student sponsored AMEC events at law schools around the country!  We’ll also feature some great content about this exciting field!