New from Law School Podcaster: Regional vs. National Law Schools

Law school applicants face a difficult decision in deciding where to go to school.  Law school is expensive and making the choice where to go is one of the biggest investment decisions many applicants have ever had to face. Should you opt for a school near where you want to live and work or the school with a high ranking or big national name? How do you calculate the return on your investment? Will the regional schools get you where you want to go, or do you need a national law school to meet your career goals?

In our new podcast, Regional or National Law Schools:  Selecting the Right School for You, representatives from different schools talk about the challenges – and the benefits – of getting your law degree locally or at a more national school, a consultant tells you what recruiters are thinking, and our guests give you tips for whichever path you choose to guide you to success.

Guests include:


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