New Podcast Looks at Options for Cancelling or Retaking the LSAT

Things don’t always go as planned.

Especially when it comes to standardized tests like the LSAT.

But if you face serious trouble on or before test-day, or  your score genuinely falls below your expectations, it doesn’t mean you are destined for rejection at your top choice law school.  But there are important things to consider before you decide on next steps.

Our new podcast Cancelling or Retaking the LSAT:  What to Do When Test Day Doesn’t Go As Planned takes a look at this topic and runs down what test-takers need to know.   We talk with leading experts to help you understand why and when to consider cancelling your score, how to cancel, when to consider retaking the exam, how law school admission committees evaluate multiple scores and how to make your application shine despite a low LSAT score.

Guests include: