Ask jdMission: Tuesday’s Tip for Law School Applicants

What’s on the mind of law school applicants? Here’s this week’s question and answer from jdMission:

 Recently, a law school applicant asked how an admissions committee might view the fact that she worked part-time throughout college while she was a full-time student. To be able to balance her school work with her job responsibilities, she had to take a minimal course load, and she was concerned now that an admissions committee might instead think that she had taken a minimal course load as a way to get better grades.

In short, this applicant need not worry about such a perception on the part of the admissions committee, and similarly, you should not be concerned that your target school will frown upon whatever less traditional path you may have taken yourself. As you undoubtedly already know, putting yourself through college is a very admirable accomplishment. This candidate should simply explain her seemingly erratic—but in fact entirely understandable—academic path via an addendum. She does not need to apologize for her course load choices, but should address and explain the issue of balancing a job and college course work, the challenges she faced in doing so and how she ultimately dealt with (and ideally overcame) these challenges. If you have a similarly unusual element in your candidacy, be sure to explain your decisions and give a window into the values that motivated you. As a result, you will leave the admissions committee with a positive impression and will most likely advance your candidacy. Good luck to you! 

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