New Podcast Focuses on LSAT Reading Comprehension

When it comes to LSAT test prep, many students focus their practice on logic games and logical reasoning sections, which look and feel very different from anything they’ve seen before.  In contrast, the LSAT reading comprehension section looks kind of familiar and tends to get short shrift from  test-prep students.  But it’s a mistake to overlook this section, and you might be leaving potential points on the table, say test prep experts, in our new podcast Mastering LSAT Reading Comprehension: Strategies to Improve Your Speed & Accuracy.

There are things you can do to impact your reading comp score and Law School Podcaster Host, Diana Jordan, interviews the following guests to get their advice:

  • Noah Teitelbaum, Manhattan LSAT, Managing Director
  • Glen Stohr, Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, Senior Product Developer
  • Matt Riley, Blueprint Test Prep, Founder & Instructor
  • Ranika Morales, LSAT test-taker and student

Listen to the full show!