Frank Kimball’s Wonderful Advice for Law Students (& Everyone Else)

This week, Law School Podcaster pays tribute to Frank Kimball, a great contributor in the world of recruiting, mentoring and professional development for law students and young lawyers.  Frank was a guest on our podcast, Networking 101: Essential Tips for Law Students, (a podcast produced in collaboration with Ms. JD).  With great sadness, we learned today that Frank passed away.  Today Ms. JD posted a collection of some of  Frank’s warm, humorous articles, full of valuable advice for law students — and everyone else.

To get a sense of Frank’s unique perspective about building relationships, you can also listen to our podcast, Networking 101: Essential Tips for Law Students.  Frank reminded us that networking is not only about landing a position; it’s about finding a way to build relationships with people, some of whom you might already know. “Well, I guess I’d put it this way. I don’t even like the word networking anymore because it’s become a time-worn cliché that conjures up images of young people standing around the hotel ballroom throwing business cards at each other. The point of networking is to connect with an individual and the concept of connecting with an individual is as old as the ages.”

Frank’s connections, humor and his many contributions will be missed.