New Podcast Helps You Master LSAT Logical Reasoning

Our latest podcast, Mastering LSAT Logical Reasoning: Strategies to Ace the Toughest Part of the Test, is out and it focuses on the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT. Some say this section is the most important part of the test. That’s because there are four scored sections of the LSAT and two of them are logical reasoning. Since these questions constitute half the test, you’ll really need to excel in these sections to get a high score.

This is the collection of questions that has a bigger effect on your overall LSAT score than anything else.” That’s Glen Stohr, Senior Project Developer for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. You’ll also hear from Noah Teitelbaum, the Managing Director of Manhattan LSAT and Matt Riley, owner and LSAT instructor with Blueprint Test Prep, as well as our guest, LSAT student Ranika Morales, who is a paralegal with a large law firm in L.A. and wants to go to law school to build a career in corporate law. In this show, you’ll learn why there are no short cuts in studying for this part of the test, why it’s worth your investment to begin practicing these questions at least two to three months before your test and what key strategies can help you master the material.