Ready for a Logic Game Workout?

Take the Logic Games Challenge! Manhattan LSAT posted Logic Games Challenge #34 and they invite our listeners to join in the chance to Win $200 off any LSAT Course or any Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide (your choice!). The latest challenge: Party Problem (Easy)

Before you start let us tell you something! You’re about to play the first of two “sister” games (go ahead one game in the archive for the second one). Taken together, the pair can be useful in thinking about how challenging games are derived from simpler ones. Both of these games are pretty tough – though this one should be slightly easier. The LSAT doesn’t usually deliver easy games of this type, so we figured we’d honor that tradition and make them both tough.

Dylan is hosting a party and invites eight fickle friends—Lance, Matt, Nick, Oscar, Pam, Reena, Sara, and Tracy—some of whom get along, some of whom don’t. The following conditions apply:

  • If Matt comes, Sara will come.
  • If Lance comes, Oscar and Pam will not come.
  • Matt will come to the party unless both Lance and Reena do.
  • Sara or Tracy, but not both, will come to the party.
 1. Which of the following could be a complete and accurate list of friends who come to the party?

2. Which of the following must be true?

3. If Matt does not attend the party, it must be false that

4. If Oscar attends the party, each of the following must be true EXCEPT:

5. What is the maximum number of people who will come to the party?

6. If Tracy attends the party, each of the following must be false EXCEPT:


Post your answers on Manhattan LSAT’s site and your explanation on their LSAT Forum. You have 2 ways to win: (1) Correct Answer Prize: Manhattan LSAT will randomly choose from any submitted correct answers during the Challenge period and (2) Best Explanation Prize: Manhattan LSAT will choose the best explanation posted on our forums.

Good luck!

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