The “Two-For” Ticket: Thinking About Combined Degree Programs

Across the United States and elsewhere, law schools are continually offering more and more joint degrees, thereby allowing their students to study for an additional graduate degree not related to the law while they simultaneously study for their JD. Usually, such joint programs allow students to graduate with two degrees in less time than would be required for them to complete the two degrees consecutively. And although you may think that joint degrees are limited to traditional programs such as JD/MBA options, the choices are vast indeed.

At Harvard, for example, you can earn a master’s in urban planning in conjunction with your JD; at UCLA, you can earn a PhD in philosophy while earning your JD; and at Duke, you can earn a master’s in theological studies while pursuing your JD. So, when considering law school, ask yourself whether you are one of the small but growing number of students who will ultimately graduate with more than a JD.

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We’ve dedicated a full podcast to the topic, Deciding Whether To Pursue a JD and an MBA:  When It Makes Sense to Go ‘Two for One’ and our guests discuss the various kinds of joint JD/MBA programs offered these days, the appeal of such programs, and the kind of career opportunities available to those holding a joint degree.  The podcast spotlights the joint JD/MBA programs at NYU, Penn and Northwestern, and features representatives from each of these top schools.