Last Minute LSAT Tips for February test-takers!

With just days to go before the February LSAT, we gathered some helpful tips from our podcasts and posts.
“[T]he last week, I generally suggest to people to increase the amount of review and decrease the amount of new exposure because there’s not a lot you’re going to learn in that last week. But what you can do is set your timing and set your rhythm. And remind yourself of the things you’ve learned because the thing you want to avoid is that you do lots and lots of preparation and then the minute the test starts, you throw that all out the window. Suddenly, you’re going to hit a homerun. You’re not going to give up on any single question and you go for it and then you do worse than you really could do.”


“So what you want to do on test day is score your best score.You’ll want to switch up your strategies. So that last week is time to set your strategies and set your timing. And probably some people won’t like hearing this. I wouldn’t drink the week before the LSAT. I would also – exercise a lot. The brains and muscle, it thrives on oxygen. It’s proven that exercise increases the number of neural connections, which helps you change how you think which is really crucial for the LSAT.”

  ˜Noah Teitelbaum, Managing Director of Manhattan LSAT. Noah had a great post he shared with Law School Podcaster back in June 2011, Week Before LSAT Tips. It’s a must-read for February test-takers!


Organize and Prepare for Test Day:

You should already know how long it’s going to take you, what the parking situation is like, and basically have your routine planned out for you.

 The night before the test, you should lay out all of the things you’re going to need, most important of which are your admissions ticket from the LSAC, photo identification.

And the day of the test, get up early, have a good breakfast. If you’re the type of person that needs coffee, then drink.  Don’t screw with your routine but also sort of scale back on the caffeine a little bit.

Try to remain calm. Try to, again like I said, if you’re going to do anything, get something you’ve already done like in logic game you did well on that week and just walk yourself through it, put yourself in the right mindset.

“And then get to the testing center early. You’re going to be waiting a long time. It’s a lot of waiting to start the test. It’s a lot of nervous waiting. Try not to talk to too many people. You might have friends that are taking the test that day but it’s really not going to help you to talk to them. There’s a lot of nervous energy. And so being able to remain composed and put a section behind you and look forward and focus on the task at hand, the next section, that’s instrumental to doing well on the test.”

 And here’s a few helpful reminders LSAC sent out recently for February  test-takers:  


•     Feb LSAT registrants–check your account the night before the test. Reporting addresses can change at short notice.

 •    To make sure you can get into your testing site, check photo ID needs 1 more time at