New Podcast Helps You Countdown to the LSAT With a Plan for Success

Once you’ve registered for the LSAT, and your test date is on the calendar, it’s time to figure out how you’ll prepare for the test. How much time is enough time? Where do you begin?  Our new podcast explores your crunch time until the LSAT and our guests help you develop a time-based plan that focuses on what you need to do between now and the time you take the test.

As you begin studying for the LSAT, you need to first figure out where you stand. There are geeky types who need virtually no prep, but Noah Teitelbaum, the Executive Director of Academics at Manhattan Prep, has a guide for the rest of us mortals. “The overarching idea is to avoid just taking LSAT after LSAT. That only works for people who are naturally good at standardized tests. All those people need – and let’s envy those people – all they need is exposure. For the rest of us, we need to learn a strategy, we need to practice that strategy and focus-practice that, and then mix it into full LSAT practice tests. Otherwise, we’re just going to be repeating the problematic or mistaken strategies that we might have come up with on our own.”

In the podcast, Teitelbaum lays out a plan for all 4 phases of prep work and you’ll hear how to maximize your study time — and what to focus on — from Glen Stohr, Kaplan Test Prep, Senior Manager for Content Development and  Cathrina Altimari-Brown: LSAT Student, Legal Assistant, Google.