Summary of Free LSAT Classes That Are Currently Being Offered

Many test-prep companies these days are offering free sample LSAT® classes. Take advantage of the offers, test out the various companies and find a teacher and course that really works for you.

Here’s a summary of some of the top companies offering free classes:

1. Atlas LSAT Test Prep: Scroll down to “Trial Classes” and learn about attending the first session of the full LSAT prep course for free. Atlas LSAT also offers free LSAT workshops that teach strategies and review LSAT basics. Both Trial classes and LSAT workshops are free and available Live Online and in select cities across the US and Canada.

2. Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions: Scroll down “LSAT Prep” box and click on “Find a Free Event” and plug in your zip code. Sample classes, free practice tests and more near you!

3. Knewton: Free trial includes free practice test, live online instruction and LSAT® and law school admissions seminar.

4. Powerscore Test Preparation: “Free LSAT Help Area” with a collection of tips and discussions and a Complete LSAT® Logic Game Tutorial and Explanation.

5. The Princeton Review: Free LSAT® events across the country, including strategy sessions, practice tests, hyperlearning classes and forums.

Please let us know if we missed anyone!

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