Looking for The Inside Scoop on Part-Time Law School Programs?

We’re working on an upcoming podcast covering this topic.

Why attend law school part-time? With law school tuition on the rise, and an uncertain job market, many working professionals just can’t afford to walk away from their careers to pursue their law degree. For these folks, a part-time law school program makes the most sense. Basic financial reasons may also propel others to seek a program that is less expensive in an immediate sense as tuition costs are budgeted over a longer period of time (4 years) rather than condensed into 3 years of a traditional full-time degree program. Some part-timers are non-traditional students who may be older or who do not come to law school directly from undergraduate school or after taking just a year or two off after college.

In our upcoming segment, we asked deans of admissions at law schools with part-time programs about what they look for in applicants, about the merits and drawbacks of part-time programs and what these programs offer students. We get perspective on recruitment and job prospects for part-time students from deans of career services and we hear from a part-time law student at Georgetown about what it’s really like to balance law school life with an already full schedule!

Guests you will hear from include:

•Andy Cornblatt, Dean of Admissions, Georgetown University Law Center
•Stephen Brown, Fordham Law School, Dean of Enrollment Services
•Melissa Lennon, Assistant Dean for Career Planning, Temple University, Beasley School of Law
•Jannell Roberts, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
•Meghan Morris, Part-Time Law Student, Georgetown University Law Center

Stay tuned for more on this upcoming segment!