preLaw Magazine and Law School Podcaster Team Up!

Law School Podcaster is teaming up with preLaw Magazine to share more news and information that will benefit law school and students.

Law School Podcaster is the premier broadcast source for law school applicants and students. Law School Podcaster delivers relevant information and advice through regular audio segments for those planning to apply for a JD and for savvy law students seeking success in law school and beyond. Topics include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission process to post-law school job opportunities and current market trends.

preLaw Magazine educates readers by empowering and informing them on current legal education trends, profiles of law schools and by providing advice. For ten years, preLaw magazine has helped thousands of prospective law students identify the law school that fits them best. Through comparison data, pre-law students can identify which school offers the resources needed to follow the career path they choose.

Stay tuned for more news about some exciting new joint projects!