Is the LSAT in your future? Whether you’re taking the October LSAT or planning to take the test in the year ahead, you’ll want to listen to our latest show, Conquering the LSAT: Tips for Tackling the Test.

Law School Podcaster Host, Althea Legaspi, hunts down great LSAT study tips and discovers how much you can improve from your first practice test, strategies for section practice and ways to work on your timing, as well as what to do the weeks before, the night before and the day of the test. Learn about how the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) scores the test and find out how law school admissions committees evaluate your score.

Get great study tips and inside advice about the LSAT from the following guests:

• Richard Geiger, Associate Dean and Dean of Admissions, Cornell Law School
• Dr. Rebecca Wood Gill, Assistant Professor and Prelaw Advisor, UNLV
• Noah Teitelbaum, Managing Director, Atlas LSAT Test Prep
• Brad McIlquham, Director of Academics, Knewton LSAT Prep

Check out the full show to hear more!

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