Ready for an LSAT Logic Games Workout?

Take the Logic Games Challenge!  Manhattan LSAT posted Logic Games Challenge #25 and they invite our listeners to join in the chance to Win $200 off any LSAT Course or any Atlas LSAT Strategy Guide (your choice!).  The latest challenge Pat the Party Planner

Pat the Planner is planning her perfect party. The party will go from 8 pm to midnight. During this time, 8 different musical bands—K, L, M, N, O, P, R, and Q—each of which has at least one member in one of the other bands, will perform, each for thirty minutes.

The following conditions apply:

  • At least one person in band M is in both bands K and O.
  •  At least one person in band R is in both bands N and L.
  • O performs before K but after M.
  •  P performs before L but after N.
  •  No musician can perform in consecutive time slots.

1. Which of the following could be the order of bands that perform, from first to last?

(A) M, N, O, P, Q, L, K, R

(B) M, N, O, P, L, R, K, Q

(C) N, M, P, K, R, O, L, Q

(D) Q, N, M, L, P, O, K, R

(E) K, N, P, R, O, M, L, Q

2. It could be true that O performs in all the following positions except:

(A) Second

(B) Third

(C) Fourth

(D) Fifth

(E) Sixth

3. If M performs fourth, it must be true that

(A) M performs before P

(B) N performs before Q

(C) O performs after P

(D) O performs before L

(E) Q performs before O

4. If N performs after K, it must be true that

(A) There is 1 possible order of bands.

(B) There are 2 possible orders of bands.

(C) There are 3 possible orders of bands.

(D) There are 4 possible orders of bands.

(E) There are 5 possible orders of bands.

5. Which of the following rules would have the same effect as knowing that L performs third?

(A) N performs first.

(B) P performs second.

(C) R performs fifth.

(D) P performs immediately before L.

(E) L performs immediately before M.

6. If R performs immediately before M, the first and second bands to perform could, respectively, be each of the following EXCEPT:

(A) R, M

(B) N, Q

(C) N, P

(D) Q, N

(E) Q, R

Think you can solve this Logic Game Challenge? You might win $200 off any LSAT Course or any Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guide (your choice!). You have 2 ways to win: (1) Correct Answer Prize: Manhattan LSAT will randomly choose from any submitted correct answers during the Challenge period and (2) Best Explanation Prize: Manhattan LSAT will choose the best explanation posted on the Manhattan forums. Writing your own questions earns you brownie points in that contest.

Post your answer and/or explanation on Manhattan LSAT’s Forum.  Answers to Logic Games Challenge #28 Toss Toss Toss: (1)E (2)E (3)D (4)C (5)C (6)A

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Good luck!

(By the way, if you’re wondering why this is #25, Manhattan LSAT decided to replace an old game).