LSAT Scores: The Waiting Game

Need to keep busy while you wait for your LSAT score? Why not paint your apartment!?

It’s late June, which means those of you who took the test earlier this month are “playing the waiting game,” as they say (the same people who use expressions like “have a case of the Mondays” and “TMI”). I wanted to write a post on how to wait when you’re impatient, so I googled “how to wait.” The tips that I found included suggestions like doing something you enjoy, and trying not to think about whatever it is you’re awaiting. I deserved these results, of course, for actually googling “how to wait.”

In the interest of sharing some ideas for dealing with impatience that aren’t patronizing and useless, here are a few activities that have worked for me in the past**.

1. Manufacture drama. Break up with someone! Go into debt! Adopt a cat and put it on Craigslist two weeks later! Creating drama can be an incredibly effective means of quelling impatience. The emotional trauma you will experience is guaranteed to be distracting, and your LSAT score will have arrived before you know it.

2. Google your ailments. If you haven’t been sleeping, google lack of sleep. Even if you have, you can still google lack of sleep so that you’ll know what it means if you ever do have sleep issues: scurvy. The news of your impending death will give you some healthy perspective.

3. Paint your apartment without researching how to paint, consulting your landlord, or covering your furniture. Who knows where the magic in this one lies–the fumes, the furious letter skidding under your door, or the eternal splashes of Citrus Celebration that now adorn your couch and desk. Between the cursing, sweat, and turpentine, however, you’re bound to forget about the LSAT. Suddenly, there your score will be!

Why sit quietly reading a book when you could be telling your parents you’re moving to Argentina with your significant other (even if you’re not)? With a little creativity, July 6 will be here before you know it. Until then, try some of these waiting strategies, and please, if you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for Manhattan LSAT’s FREE online review of the June exam.

**With the exception of signing up for the Live Online June LSAT Review Session, Manhattan LSAT does not officially endorse any of the above strategies for coping with impatience.

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