ESL Students Taking the LSAT: This Podcast Is for You!

If English is your second language, and you plan to take the LSAT, you face some unique challenges.  As an ESL student we recently interviewed explains, “you just think in a different language, and now you have to take this standardized test in English. And it is a challenge because you don’t know all the vocabulary, you don’t know all the words, you don’t know, maybe, every grammatical little detail of structure, or how meaning changes. And that plays a very important role in the LSAT, so… It doesn’t come naturally, so non-native speakers of English have to put a little bit of extra effort into it, to overcome that obstacle.”

With these challenges in mind, we’ve devoted an entire podcast to this topic.  In Tackling the LSAT as an ESL: Tips to Help You Nail a Top Score, we interviewed German student, Milena Jurca, who successfully raised her LSAT score.  We also get some great tips from Noah Teitelbaum, who heads up Academics for Manhattan Prep, and from Steve Schwartz, an LSAT Tutor, who writes the LSAT Blog.

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