Holiday Gift Suggestions for Pre-Law and Law Students

Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical gifts. While it’s usually more fun during the holidays to give and receive silly tchotchkes like this one here, or here, you can trust that you (or your pre-law giftee) will appreciate something more useful in the long-run. So whether you’re jotting down your own holiday wish list or buying for an aspiring lawyer, consider some of the following gift suggestions:

1. Black’s Law Dictionary (Standard Ninth Edition)– This is the gold standard for the language of law and a must-have for all pre-law and law students.

2. A Suit / Tailored Skirt and Jacket– Law students need to dress the part. As a 1L, professional attire is especially necessary for on-campus Interviews.

3. Dual Monitors– Having two computer screens in law school can be extremely helpful, particularly when it comes to legal research & writing (LRW) and outlining.

4. Keurig Coffee Maker, Single Serve– For the late nights and early mornings, this coffee maker is fast and requires very little clean-up. Already have one? Pick up a variety-pack of K-Cups. If you’re interested in buying someone a coffee machine but you’re not sure which make or model to get, Visit Here to read some reviews. Do your research to ensure you get the right machine for your needs!

5. Vitamins– Being sick is bad. Being sick in law school is really bad.
6. Law Journal Subscription– Subscriptions are essential for keeping up with the latest legal content.

7. Briefcase– Even if it’s used minimally in law school, a good-quality briefcase will come in handy when students enter into the profession.

8. Briefs– (Literally) This may be as practical as it gets, and let’s face it, law students do not have the time to be running back and forth to the laundromat several times a week.

9. LSATTimer Analog Watch– We’ve mentioned this product in previous posts and it would certainly make a great gift for anyone studying for the LSAT.

10. Manhattan LSAT Set of 3 Strategy Guides– The ultimate gift for all pre-law students!

This guest post is provided courtesy of Cory Ferreira at Manhattan LSAT, a leading LSAT-exclusive test preparation provider. If you don’t know much about the LSAT, you can read the Manhattan LSAT intro guide or attend one of the free workshops (available in NYC and Live Online).

Have your eyes on something awesome this holiday season? Let’s hear your suggestions! Leave a comment below or tweet @manhattanlsat!